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Detail Design
Revolve can help you expedite the process from product concept phase and into production.

Extensive experience in:

-Mechanism design and development
-High volume injection molded plastic part design
-Sheet metal, packaging and overall product architecture development
-Production assembly fixture and test jig design
-SolidWorks 3D CAD use since it's 1997 version release

Engineering analysis can be conducted in the following areas:

-FEA stress analysis
-Thermal cooling studies
-Kinematics motion studies
-Failure analysis
-Tolerance stack analysis

Revolve produces a full range of product and project documentation: 2D part drawings, assembly drawings, assembly procedures, BOMs, etc.

Prototype Fabrication
Revolve works directly with long term relationship machine shops, model makers and rapid prototyping houses and can facilitate the fab, build and testing of machined parts, sheet metal parts, SLA, SLS, FDM and prototype molds.

Manufacturing Liaison
Revolve will work with and support your in-house manufacturing engineering group or act as a liaison directly with your domestic or offshore manufacturer. Based on years of experience, it is clear that that communication with assigned manufacturers is essential throughout all phases of product development. Major launch delays and/or setbacks can occur if this is not carried out. Revolve knows what can potentially go wrong in the tool shop, molding facility and on the assembly line and how to address problems to make things right.

Brainstorming / Concept Development
Methodical and organized brainstorming is key in the process of landing on the ideal direction for any design project, whether it be group based or independent. Revolve can help conduct brainstorm sessions within your design/engineering group and will apply robust brainstorming techniques on any project worked on.

Productive brainstorming is something that is learned and is not an intuitive mental process for most people, nor within every design/engineering group. A major violation that is made in basic brainstorming is in "not deferring judgment". Any idea (typically judged initially by human nature as good or bad) can lead to other ideas. Keeping an open mind is critical in the process.

Based on direct experience and with an appreciation of how it really works, Revolve conforms to the IDEO 7 rules of brainstorming:

1) Defer judgment- Don’t dismiss any ideas. This can kill the spirit of a brainstorm.
2) Encourage wild ideas- Embrace "out-of-the-box".
3) Build on the ideas of others- No “buts”, only “ands.”
4) Stay focused on the topic- Keep the discussion on target.
5) One conversation at a time- Let people have their say. No side line discussions.
6) Be visual - Sketch it on the board or on a big sheet.
7) Go for quantity- Aim for as many new ideas as possible.

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